Our Company’s Ethos

As a tight-knit, family-run company, CME Finishes is built on solid foundations. We pride ourselves in having a wealth of knowledge within the sector, which in turn has afforded us to build strong customer relationships with our loyal clientele. Of course, we built our clients’ trust through the years of our team’s hard work, which spans over 40 years’ worth of experience. Our proud tradition within the construction business, gives us that desire to provide products that offer nothing but top-notch quality, whilst still keeping the cost reasonable.

Integrity, commitment to customers, and above all, genuine advice are the cornerstones of our company and what we strive to implement in our daily tasks. These are the distinctive qualities that represent our company and its beliefs. Our priority is to execute any given job with effectiveness. Our team works determinedly to ensure that expectations are not only met, but are surpassed. This is probably the main reason why our customers are always satisfied with what we provide.

The Significance of Trustworthiness

Trust is a two-way street. This is why we at CME Finishes have made it a point to look for this indispensable trait in our suppliers. Apart from being certified with offering the highest quality of products, our suppliers also share our philosophy of putting the customer at the forefront of what they do.

Our local customers have grown to trust CME Finishes to install doors and windows to the finest standards, and said trust has also been extended to our suppliers. When purchasing a product from us , you can put your mind at rest in knowing we have done the legwork through our routine product testing and checking. This phase in our production guarantees that your home will be just the way you envisioned it – impeccable.

Distinctive Expertise

Our installers and fitters have the necessary training required to install all the doors and apertures we offer. This ensure that you will be getting an artisan’s knowledge when choosing our company for your home or commercial premises.

Indeed, because we give our expertise such high importance, we believe in transferring this specialised knowledge to our clients right from the quotation stage. We always make sure to give the ideal recommendations and offer advice while working on the project with you. This allows you to have a more tangible idea of what to expect when you delegate a project to us.

The Epitome of Value for Money

Here at CME Finishes we acknowledge that in this day and age variety affords the consumer to shop around to check and decide what suits their own budget. That said, we also understand that reasonable prices shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of a product. Whether you are looking for doors and windows for your home. At CME Finishes we believe that quality and affordability should walk hand in hand. All of our products are sourced from top suppliers who are qualified to maintain the highest product standards available on the market.

Do you want to give your apertures a new lease of life or perhaps add some gorgeous doors to your home? At CME Finishes you will surely find what you’re looking for! Come visit our showroom so we can discuss your requirements, where you can view everything you need under one roof. We are confident that once we show you what we have to offer, you’ll soon begin to understand why CME Finishes is a highly-esteemed company within its industry.