Whether you’re putting in entirely new fencing or have just decided to upgrade an existing fence, you need to decide on the best design for your property. For many home owners, this decision includes considering an automated entry gate. We at CME Finishes want to list 7 benefits of automated gates to help you understand the great advantages an automated gate has for both your home and your family.


Undeniably, your children are the apple of your eye and you care for them more than you do for yourself. That’s why you must take extra safety precautions, especially in your front yard or garden. Automated gates provide an extra level of protection since the opening mechanisms are often too high above the ground or too complex for a child to operate. Additionally, since no one can open an automated gate without your knowing it, your children get added protection from possible intruders.


Perhaps it’s almost too obvious of a benefit to list, but it’s definitely worthy of mention. Automated gates require specific steps for opening and closing, which reduces the risk of unauthorised entry. Additionally, automated gates often come with integrated safety beams, advanced locks as well as other security measures. Such mechanisms reinforce your property against forced entry, which in turn diminishes the risks of theft, vandalism and burglars. Obviously, an automated gate lets you control who enters and exits your property. Go beyond added protection for your children or convenience for your guests. Precise entrance control allows you to decrease the number of unwanted or nuisance visitors.


When you take steps to remodel or to secure your property, you automatically increase its market value. Automated gate installation makes your home more aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers, should you decide to resell, and a good quality automated gate adds to your home’s value. Such appeal increases your property value and usually makes it easier to sell your home.

It’s a safe to assume that if compared to other homes within your neighbourhood which are somewhat less sellable, your home will certainly stand out. If other homes in the area have no proper entrance or a dilapidated gate, it’s very likely to sell for many thousands less than your home with the well-maintained driveway gate framed by smart landscaping or brick columns.

If you’re interested in enhancing your home’s security, aesthetic appeal and overall property value, at CME Finishes we supply fully-certified automation for swinging and sliding gates of any dimension and barricades.

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