Windows were initially created and designed, in the earlier days, to either protect from the wind whistling through the house or to let those inside look out and vice versa. They not only secured your home from the elements but also from threats of wild animals and other hostile humans.

Choosing wood over other materials.

Over the years, uPVC and aluminum has become the most used material for windows and doorframes in general. In new build housing construction this is very apparent. However, many homeowners still realise the artistry and beauty of choosing hand crafted natural materials over the man-made ones. Wooden windows can convey a sense of harmony to a home, since it is a natural material. Here are some reasons why you should choose wood over the other available materials in today’s market.

  1. To begin with wooden frames are very eye catching and will look stunning on any type of property. One can choose to tailor and customise the wooden frames by selecting from a large variety of woods available, which of course, all come with a natural different look. Not only are CME’s wooden windows customisable, but they also have unlimited colour options. CME offers wooden arches possibilities to, for your window frames, so that it can conform to the look of any type of house – be it modern or old.
  2. Compared to other materials, used in this sector, wood is much more environmentally friendly. It is capable, over a long period of time, of reducing the Co2 amount from the atmosphere, since it comes with a negative GWP (global warming potential). In contrast to this, during the production of man-made materials a number of poisonous chemicals are released in the air.
  3. When compared to other man-made materials, which normally last between twenty to thirty years, wooden frames are probably going to last for much longer. This is of course only possible if the actual wooden frame is taken care of and maintained properly. When this is done correctly your wooden windows will be able to last you a lifetime and resist the normal wear and tear.
  4. While it is true that regular maintenance and weatherproofing is required to keep wooden windows in tiptop condition, simple painting and varnishing will keep them looking attractive and resist the elements of nature. CME’s wooden windows are also available with aluminum skin on the outside to reduce maintenance even further.
  5. Wood acts as a natural insulator, keeping the temperature of your house comfortable throughout all seasons. When combined with proper double-glazing and rubber seal, wooden windows help retain the heat in the Winter and coolness during Summer. This lowers the emissions of carbon but also reduces your electricity bill, making wooden windows energy efficient. It will also give you a sense of comfort and security and keeps your home temperature pleasant.
  6. The wooden windows are also sound proof. Once you are inside your home you can leave all the stress outside, as CME’s wooden window will take care of not letting the noise inside.
  7. Wooden window frames are not necessarily more expensive than their man-made counterparts. When choosing wood for your home you can rest assured that the life span cost, which this will deliver in terms of maintenance, durability and environmental impact, makes it excellent value for money.

CME finishes are proud to say that their chosen supplier conforms to the FSC program, which is an International NGO established to promote responsible management of the world wood resources, and holds to the PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) based on International standards, satisfying the sustainable forest management. Over their sixty+ years of service, our sources, have contributed considerably to the reduction of Co2 in the atmosphere. Apart from this it cannot be denied that the elegant, grand and warm look of wooden windows simply conveys a unique look to any home. With CME’s range of wood types and unlimited colour options, we are sure that you will be able to find a style and look that fits your taste.

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