It’s annoying to have insects flying all over your home disrupting your peace and comfort. It’s for this reason that we recommend having insect screens installed to prevent them flying in your home. There are various types of insect screens to cater for your entire household: windows, doors and other ventilations in your home. The most commonly available insect screens include: clip on insect screens, pleated insect screens, hinged and sliding insect screens.

In this article we will be going more in detail about the first mentioned type, which are the Clip on insect screens.

Clip on Screens

This is the most economical insect screen available on the market. Clip on insect screens are very easily adaptable as they are just attached to your normal windows thus cutting off the cost of having your windows or doors reinstalled again. They are also easily fixed and removed from the window if you want to replace them further on. During the replacement or removal all that has to be done is to turn the clips from the inside. Due to their nature, clip on insect screens hold the surface they are attached to firmly from edge to edge. To match with your interior décor, clip on insect screens are designed in various colours that will suit the décor of your home and match with your window colours.

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