Unquestionably, garage doors have come a long way over recent years. At CME Finishes, we always recommend the best quality doors for our clients, whilst keeping in mind practicalities and budget. Here are our top three reasons why investing a little extra in the largest, moving part of your residential or commercial property is of utmost importance:

1. Insulation

Selecting the ideal garage door can help you to save money on your energy bills. Modern doors are designed to keep a garage warmer during the cold weather and cooler in the hot months.

2. Safety and  Security 

Children are particularly at risk when it comes to garage doors. Modern, automated doors have safety-features built in to minimise the potential for accidents. What’s more, many of us keep valuable or important items in our garages – unaware that a low-quality door offers little or no protection. Our sectional garage doors are equipped with protection against crushing when closing.

Better-quality garage doors have formidable locking mechanisms enough to deter opportunist thieves and burglars. In the event that someone does try to compromise your security, modern doors have inbuilt security measures that will, at the very least, severely hinder any attempts on your garage.

3. Added Value

Choosing the right garage door can add value to your home. Speak to any one of our professional staff at CME Finishes and they’ll gladly advise you on the door that embraces all of the above factors, without compromising on aesthetic quality.

Buying a new garage door is a hefty project to undertake whether you’re a home or business owner. If the time has come to purchase yours, either as part of a new home or office renovation project, or because the old one has outlived its useful life, you’re likely to find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Luckily you needn’t worry about doing the legwork and understanding why you should install a sturdy and reliable garage door, because CME Finishes have dedicated staff who will gladly inform you about the benefits of investing in a good quality garage door.

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