In this article to we are going to explain what pleated insect screens are. These types of screens together with clip on, hinged and sliding are all available at CME.

Pleated Insect Screens

Pleated insect screens are the most common type of insect screens installed in most homes. This is due to the various advantages that accompany these types of insect screens. Being both modern and stylish at the same time, pleated insect screens have become most suitable for both windows and doors. This type of insect screen is extremely versatile and can be installed on virtually any type of door or window, by use of small additional profiles. Pleated nets are easily maintained and repaired in case of damage. They also blend in with your door or windows giving a beautiful view of your home The profiles are much smaller and neater and do not require any drilling to floor tiles during installation thus reducing damage in the event they are removed leaving the tiles in the original state. One of their main advantages is the availability of the various types of opening and combinations thereof.

Pleated insect screens have several benefits over the more outdated retractable/ roller (cassonetto) type, as there is no mechanism to maintain or replace so increasing reliability and durability. Since there are no spring mechanisms involved these are easily operated with minimal effort from elderly persons and kids alike. Having said this however there are features that can toughen the operation of the net as required avoiding unwanted exit of toddlers and young kids. Some of our product’s unique features are that it can cater for extra small to extra large dimensions, with heights of up to 3.4m and virtually infinite widths in straight lines. They are mostly semi translucent thus not blocking the outside view while you are in the house. Other than being semi translucent, pleated insect screens can be easily combined with the blackout blinds to provide the tinted look you are looking for. Due to the material used for the pleated mesh, visibility from inside is barely compromised. One can also opt to use a privacy mesh, which on it’s own reduces visibility from unwanted onlookers but still keeping full visibility from the inside. The mesh used has a HYDROSCREEN technology, with the result that it repels water and dust therefore the need of cleaning is less frequent. Apart from all the benefits you get, the mesh itself is fully tested and certified against sea water and UV rays and has an unprecedented rating of 0 degradation from both.

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