The last two insect screen systems we are going to describe are the hinged and sliding.

Hinged Screens

Hinged insect screens are one of the most classical insect screens available on the market. Being one of the longest in existence, hinged insect screens have not lost their glamour; they are still economical and stylish, preventing insects from entering the home while still maintaining the beauty of the home. Due to their lightweight nature, hinged insect screens are easy to operate, as they won’t require any extra energy. To top it all hinged insect screens are easily installed to either timber, pvc or aluminum joinery as well as on their own with the use of purposely designed frames and fittings, thus having great flexibility of applications.

Sliding screens

Sliding insect screens are one of the most common types of insect screens. Due to their nature they are cost effective and reliable. Fitted neatly at the external or internal point of either the door or the window they can easily slide sideways when being opened. These can also be installed directly to the wall for example where there is no door or window but there is still the need of an insect screen. They are easily repaired and maintained as they require only cleaning and very minimal maintenance. They can be done to widths of up to 6mtrs with multiple tracks, and various types of opening, like central opening 2 tracks, 3 tracks etc. With the use of multiple tracks openings up to 6m wide can be closed off with multiple insect screen frames, which can then all pack to a side of the opening when not needed.

All our insect screen systems, mentioned in all previous articles, use heavy-duty powder coated profiles and aluminum fittings, which increases the rigidity and durability of the frames. One can also upgrade to a privacy mesh, which reduces visibility from outside, whilst maintaining normal visibility from inside.

While the Summer season is quickly approaching, and we will all be happy to welcome the sunshine, we will all want to open up those windows! Come and visit CME to get your free quotation and expert advice on how to protect yourself from the insects and keep on enjoying the fresh air.