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Company Values


Honesty and transparency are at the core of our business.


We take pride in providing products of the best quality, and to deliver the best services we can stand behind.


We train our installers, fitters and service team members to the highest level. With this, we strive for continuous improvement


We expect the best results for our clients and in turn, our business. Therefore, we are fast in our responses and take initiative to anticipate challenges.


As a company, we aim to grow to meet your needs. We always plan to expand our portfolio of products and services.

Long-standing Trust

CME Finishes is a family not just a business. Our long-standing presence in creating effective solutions to the problematic and temperamental climate in Malta and Gozo, has ascertained that we are always on the lookout for improved and resourceful answers to the needs of our customers. For over four decades we have kept a keen eye open for such products which would serve to ensure the contentedness of our customers. Our presence over such a long period of times has ensured the knowledge that our customers never come back disgruntled, but come back because of the safe knowledge of our dependable experience, built over decades of trust.

A Fairy-tale Marriage of Sense and Sensibility

CME Finishes discovered, in its inexhaustible search for reliable perfection, that trust can be built only experience and longevity. With so many years of such experience the CME family was looking to associate itself with a supplier who had the same ideologies and modus operandi. With the knowledge that the local market had invested heavily in cheaper versions of aluminium which was meant to reduce price and increase competitivity, alas, at the expense of quality, we set forth to find a partner who would promulgate our yearning for product perfection and customer-oriented services.

In our search for products, which ascertain the core qualities of longevity and durability, besides being decently priced, we met several contenders. We knew that we could only deal with the best. With quality, product diversity and reasonable pricing in mind, we embarked on our search.

This venture took us abroad to several exponents in multiple countries in various continents. But it was not an easy quest. Pinpointing the best candidate meant that we needed to find a supplier who provided superior quality and prices which although reflecting this superiority, yet remained reasonable and an assertion of such quality. Our main obstacle was to find a partner who revolved around the most important element foremost in our mindset – the customer and his/her needs.

In business, growth is a must. Lack of growth means that there is something which is not functioning to perfection, both in the everyday running of the business and also in the vision that should be established at the launch of such an enterprise. In this light we envisioned our growth as being based on our values.  Seeing that our values are centred around the comfort of our customers, we do not look for fast growth, but a healthy growth which encompasses our need to provide products and services aimed solely at our customers’ most detailed needs, through the expertise of our fully trained installers and fitters and our recommendations based on years of knowledge building in the areas we most excel in.

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We look forward to having a chat with you to discover your desires and turn these into actual and tangible reflections of a combination of your taste and our expertise in the field. We invite you to trust us as so many have trusted us and have come back to us simply because of this trust.
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