PVC Entrance Doors

CME Finishes offers exterior doors in PVC to provide secure and safe doors in over 16 colours, with a variety of finishes and designs that can even imitate the texture and colour of real wood. Our door panels range in thickness from 24mm to 48mm, providing excellent heat insulation and strength. Our PVC panels are also designed to withstand the warm Mediterranean sun, with minimum heat warping that will ensure your door lasts for many years.

Our PVC exterior doors can also have both double and triple glazing, as well as a variety of glass textures colours and patterns, giving you a choice of glass to match to your door type.

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PVC Windows

PVC windows and doors offer you a large number of advantages over other materials. Made from chlorine (derived from salt) and ethylene (derived from crude oil), PVC is quickly becoming the construction material of choice because it is easy to manufacture and can be used in a wide range of applications.

PVC is often chosen as it provides better thermal and acoustic insulation over aluminium apertures. In fact, our apertures can provide up to 70% more insulation than traditional glass windows, meaning your home, office or shop will stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Perhaps most importantly, it will help to reduce those expensive energy bills.

To ensure that our windows are of the highest quality, we have chosen a Swiss owned manufacturer. It is one of the largest manufacturers of PVC windows in Europe, utilising German and Austrian technology throughout production of our apertures.

Not only do our PVC windows come in a wide variety of finishes to give you maximum flexibility in choosing a style for your home or office, but they are also resistant to Malta's strong sun and are widely used throughout the Mediterranean in countries such as Sicily, Greece and Spain. They have excellent resistance to moisture and humidity, as well as fungi, mould and pests. This gives our windows a very long - and maintenance free - life.

All of the windows that we install have a class 'A' profile, with no fewer than five chambers. This provides you with a robust and high quality aperture. In addition, our windows have been tested and certified by a UK laboratory as having excellent insulation and durability.

Another advantage of PVC windows is that they are hassle free. The material, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, will stand against the elements for a long time, and outlives aluminium in highly corrosive areas, such as homes located near the sea, because PVC does not corrode. To ensure a long life, all of our hinges and fittings are made from stainless steel.When you combine that with the energy efficiency it provides, these become an investment that actually pays for itself.

Our apertures are custom-made to your specifications, allowing you to blend them with the architecture and style of your home or office. We offer double glazed apertures with argon gas in between the panes as standard. We also have triple glazing options for those that want the ultimate in sound-proofing and insulation. We can offer a variety of glass thicknesses, with the maximum being 48mm. Our glass can also come in a tempered or laminate form, providing increased security and safety.

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Wooden Windows & Wooden Louvers

Our wooden windows are thought for those who love the aesthetics without giving away the quality and comfort. Our products are made of high quality materials and are suitable for both small renovations and big buildings. They offer great environmental performances and also reduce the noise pollution. With our range of wood types and colours we are sure we can cater for any tastes.

We mainly use glued laminated timber, comprising of 3 layers of natural timber of the same finish, bonded together with durable adhesives according to UNI standards. Compared to hard wood this system gives greater stability to the wood itself reducing the twisting caused by atmospheric and chemical agents. It also resists to humidity and mould.

Alongside the durability and aesthetics that only real wood can offer, our windows offer also unmatched thermal and acoustic insulation, when combined with double glazing and rubber seal to ensure the best comfort in your home.

Nowadays it is also imperative to know from where wood is derived, and we at CME finishes have sourced a supplier that conforms to the FCS program, an international ngo established to promote responsible management of the world’s forest, and adhere to the PEFC (program for endorsement of forest certification schemes) which is based on international standards satisfying the sustainable forest management.

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Sectional Garage Doors Residental

Nowadays garage doors have become an esthetic feature in any building, and sectional garage doors with their range of panels and colours fit perfectly in the current trend of architectural features.

Our sectional garage doors offer unmatched insulation level when compared to the traditional galvanized steel doors due to their foamed polyurethane core and seals which offer Class A thermal insulation. Our doors are also manufactured using a thermal break technology, which further reduces heat transfer from the outside surface to the inside one. This helps further in creating an energy efficient home.

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Sectional Garage Doors Industrial

Everyone knows how much durability and reliability is important especially in industrial applications. Our doors are fully certified and tested in house to ensure they are constantly monitored and upgraded.

Our sectional doors can be supplied in regular lift, low lift, high lift as well as vertical lift, depending on the client’s requirements.

We can also supply full view panels or full view doors manufacture out of unbreakable polycarbonate glass for excellent visibility ideal for showroom applications or even to allow light in for warehouses etc…

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Roller Garage Doors Residental

Roll-up garage doors are a perfect solution for under-construction garages as well as for already existing garages. They constitute a security opening for garages, storage, and retail facilities against unauthorized excess.

Depending on the dimensions and building conditions. It is possible to use a suitable door application. Door profiles are mainly filled with foam, made of high quality aluminium sheet and have a 2 layer PU/PA paint coating. This coating is characterised by a high resistance to abrasion and weathering. They are also available in any RAL colour from our charts, and it is also possible to have them covered with decorative film to resemble real wood and also increase durability to abrasion.

Space saving is also an asset for roller garage doors, vertically rolling doors reduce the space required to operate especially when a garage or drive way is short.

Safety is also a must and our doors are equipped with a fall protection device. They can also be equipped with protection against crushing when closing as well as photocells.

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Roller Garage Doors Industrial

Industrial roller shutters constitute an essential security feature for sheds, warehouses and retail outlets against unauthorized access.

Our industrial roller shutters are made out of 100mm extruded aluminium profile. The shape and sides of are designed to increase the stability of the door. They are coated in powder coating in a wide range of RAL colours. The curtain is rolled up on a steel tube mounted on a console which acts as supports and bearings.

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Window Roller Shutters

THE essence of energy efficient buildings is to minimise energy loss. Here each stage is important. Low energy house is first of all a perfectly insulated house that prevents heat transfer from outside to the inside, which in terms resulting in less fuel bills and less CO2 emissions for cooling and heating purposes. All this will result in a house that is friendlier for us and the environment.

So far, roller shutter have often been associated as a luxurious and decorative element, however roller shutters due to their insulation properties, significantly contribute to the reduction of heat loss in winter while in summer they protect effectively the interior from overheating, reducing the consumption of additional energy bills for cooling. External roller shutters are also a practical and effective way to protect our privacy. They are far more effective than ordinary curtains or venetian blinds since they give also a total black out effect when fully closed.

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Insect screens

Insect screens are a cheap and effective way of protection against insects while providing air circulation.

The insect screens we offer are manufactured of the best materials and are available in various colours to cater for any taste. The best quality materials ensure that our insect screens are resistant to unfavorable weather conditions.

With our insect screen systems we can provide netting for almost any type of window, being tilt and turn, sliding, hinged etc…

When it comes to a universal fit our pleated net system is unmatched. It offers effortless functioning with no heavy springs, ease of installation and affordable prices. Our pleated net system can also cope with any dimension of door or window being extra small or extra large, with the advantage that even the largest opening can still be operated with very minimal effort. This system is ideal to enclose even the largest of open spaces like restaurant terraces etc… giving that open feeling but with the advantage of keeping unwanted pests out.

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Bringing natural materials into your home adds a feeling of warmth and sophistication to a room. Certainly, parquet flooring has remained popular ever since it was introduced in France in the 1600s. Although it has evolved considerably since then, and today there are a wide range of finishes to choose from that allow this material to blend in to any home or commercial space.

Our parquet is manufactured to the highest standards, and offers some unique features that you won't commonly find on the market. For example, our floors have a sound-reduction element incorporated within its construction. This prevents noisy footsteps and actually reduces sound by around 50% when compared to other parquet floors. 

In addition, we are also able to supply fully waterproofed parquet flooring, so you won't have to worry about a burst pipe ruining your floor. Our flooring is also anti-bacterial and anti-static to offer a hygienic and safe surface too.

We can supply parquet flooring in a huge range of finishes, both in authentic wood effects, as well as in a stone tile effect. That allows you to enjoy the aesthetics of a tiled floor, without the complex installation. Our floors can also have a high gloss finish for a truly modern look.

Our parquet also comes in a variety of lengths and widths. Using bigger planks can give the impression that a room is actually larger, and that allows you to create atmospheric effects for your home or office. Also, for those that wish to have a seamless floor, we can supply flat edge parquet that offers a jointless finish.

Finally, we are also able to supply a wide variety of skirting types, such as profiled or rounded, together with end caps and tees in order to ensure the best end result for your parquet flooring.

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Gates & Doors Automation

We supply fully certified automation for swinging and sliding gates of any dimension as well as barriers.

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Industrial Docking Stations

Nowadays loading and docking systems are a must in any industry. We have various various made to measure products to cater for any type of application Our range of products includes, light and heavy duty docking stations, dock levelers, dock shelters, folding tracks, mobile tracks, stationary and mobile ramps, and more.

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