Insect Screens

The most effective way of protecting your home from insects is through our unique insect screens. One of the most common questions asked is “how unique can such insect screens be? Our promise is an unparalleled versatility through various systems, putting us at a superior level than that of our competitors.

Insect Screens
1Pleated Insect Screens
2Clip On Insect Screens
3Hinged Insect Screens
4Sliding Insect Screens


    • With doors
    • With windows
    • As a stand alone
    • large opening or terraces


    • Large selection of colours
    • ease of use
    • Easy installation
    • Installation with doors/windows or as an autonomous system
    • Easy cleaning
    • Hydro screen mesh technology
    • No deterioration from UV.
    • No spring mechanisms means ease of use
    • No risk of injury from spring loaded systems
    • Suitable for small to extra large
    • Ideal for residential or commercial applications

Take advantage of this eloquent technology and give us a call today or visit us to view our full range of insect screens.