Sectional Garage Doors (Residential & Industrial)

It has become an evident trend, in modern-day construction, to merge as much as possible comfort, safety and beauty. keeping this trait in mind, we have come up with various options for sectional garage doors, intended for both residential and industrial purposes.

Sectional Garage Doors (Residential & Industrial)
11 Sectional Garage Door With Pass Door
2Low Lintel System


    • Residential garage door
    • Drive in door
    • Industrial garage door
    • Warehouse door
    • Showroom door


    • Easy to use
    • Insulated panels
    • Galvanized, epoxy coated and painted or pvc laminated panels
    • Various colours available
    • Various panel types available
    • Various textures available
    • Manual or motorized
    • Manual override possible
    • Standard safety features
    • Possibility of full glass panels
    • Possibility of pass doors with super low threshold
    • Minimum of 125mm lintel required
    • Tension or torsion spring possibility
    • Weather proof
    • Secure
    • Upgradable
    • Durable

Feel free to contact or pay us a visit at our showroom and take the opportunity to learn more from our technical staff who can walk you through all the mentioned possibilities to ensure a perfect fit for your home or industry.